Hey Newgrounds - it's been ages since I've uploaded something here, but you can check out my new loop, 'Free Flying', as well as the game it was made for: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/633162 How are you all going anyway? :)

The Horde now on Youtube!

2009-05-30 04:37:00 by Sup3rSloth

I posted my song, 'The Horde' on Youtube for all video lovers, and spammers to feast on.

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~Johnny (Sup3rSloth)

The Horde now on Youtube!

The tale of woe

2008-10-25 20:03:36 by Sup3rSloth

my power supply has decided to start to die. i can no longer use windows, as i am just confronted with the blue screen of death. There is one thing left i can do, and that is use ubuntu, a linux distro. That is what I have been using for the last week, and only time will tell if it can make it another week.
Alas, I have still been able to view and rate many flashes on newgrounds.